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Factories of the Future

What is a Factory of the Future?

  • A Factory of the Future is a future-oriented manufacturing company that uses the most advanced digital technologies to implement intelligent and sustainable processes.
  • It makes creative and optimised use of available materials and energy and puts faith in innovative business models that focus on empowering employees.
  • Its products often have a high added value and respond flexibly to increasingly specific customer needs.


How to become a Factory of the Future?

To ensure a sustainable future for manufacturing companies, in a context of high costs and global competition, a paradigm shift in their production activities is necessary.

Since 2010, Agoria and Sirris have developed a vision that enables companies to achieve this change and create a sustainable future for themselves. This is reflected in the "Made Different" methodology, which proposes that companies transform themselves by following a path based on 7 transformations. Belgian companies that reach a certain level of maturity in each of the 7 transformations can be awarded the Factory of the Future designation by Agoria/Sirris and their partners.

What are those 7 transformations?

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Assess your company

Are you ready to become a Factory of the Future? Complete our Factory of the Future Scan, find out where your company stands and take the first step towards a sustainable future.

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If your company has achieved outstanding performance in terms of technology, lead time reduction, automation, quality improvement, work organisation, sustainability or staff growth in recent years, then your company could be a candidate for a Factory of the Future Award!

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Get inspired

FoF Innovation Book Cover

Factories of the Future Inspiration Book

Discover dozens of real-life cases of Factories of the Future or companies undergoing transformation. These successful companies are smartly investing in further automation, digitalisation of their production apparatus and their employees.

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Factories of the Future e-Book

Agoria and Proximus have brought together leading employees from six Belgian Factories of the Future, each with their own production, trajectory, challenges and opportunities. They have one thing in common: today they can call themselves a digital factory, and with good reason. These factories are as diverse as they are inspiring: discover them in this e-book.

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