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Whether in terms of added value, jobs, exports or innovation, the manufacturing industry plays a key role in our growth, our prosperity and our well-being. Find out more about Agoria’s range of actions to promote this exciting sector, and to support all its employees.


#ManuMatters study

In this exclusive study, Agoria has gathered information and figures on recent developments in the manufacturing industry: competitiveness, employment, challenges now and in the future, the impact of recent political measures and so much more.

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Factories of the Future 2020 - Inspiration Book

Find out more about 12 use cases of well-performing companies investing smartly in automation, in digitisation of their production apparatus and in their people.

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Factory of the Future Scan

Are you ready to become a Factory of the Future? Find out where your company stands. Run the FoF Scan questionnaire of ADMA (European ADvanced MAnufacturing Support Centre of which Agoria and Sirris are partners) and take the first steps towards a sustainable future.

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The 7 Transformations Experience

Are you an executive or do you work in a manufacturing company? Do you want to improve your knowledge of what’s at stake for Factories of the Future? Discover "The 7 Transformations Experience", a dynamic, interactive online course produced by Agoria and Sirris.

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