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Business clusters

Agoria not only provides individual services, but also focuses strongly on a collective operation between member companies from the technology industry. This collective operation is sector-oriented and is developed in various business groups, grouped into the business clusters mentioned below.  

The efficient combination of periodic meetings and ad hoc cooperation arrangements ensures that important common goals can be attained:

  • Information & inspiration:By following sector-specific regulations, Agoria helps translate these regulations into effective implementation. Agoria inspires by inviting external speakers and specialists and by offering its members a platform; 
  • Influence:To promote a healthy entrepreneurial climate, Agoria devises joint sector-specific positions, e.g. on changes in regulations and general advice to the government;
  • Interaction:By providing networking opportunities, Agoria stimulates mutual cooperation by and between companies and external stakeholders, always with clear agreements regarding competition law and the GDPR.

Find out how our work within the following business clusters can help your company:

Aerospace - Manned&Unmanned

This business cluster brings together companies that supply technological products, components or services that are applied in aerospace, as well as companies that provide supporting solutions and applications for the aerospace systems and their integration in the multimodal mobility system of tomorrow.

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Energy Technology

This business cluster brings together companies with technological solutions for the transition to a climate-neutral, reliable and affordable energy system, in which various energy carriers (electricity, hydrogen, green heat, etc.) will play a role.

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Building Technology

This business cluster groups a broad spectrum of building technology companies that provide innovative solutions for the transition to climate-neutral, comfortable, safe and smart building. They improve the quality of life of citizens. 

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Safety, Security & Defence Technologies

This business cluster brings together member companies that provide technological solutions and services that contribute to the safety and security of people, goods and society. 

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Mobility & vehicle technology

This business cluster brings together companies that provide infrastructure, technology, products or services for transport by road, rail or water. The members work together in various workgroups with a focus on mobility today and tomorrow. 

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Manufacturing & Process Technology

This business cluster brings together a wide range of companies that manufacture machines, components, installations, sensors, etc. for customers in the manufacturing and process industry.  They stimulate innovations and introduce new technologies for national and international manufacturing companies..

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Co-Creation,  Contracting & Materials

This business cluster brings together companies that do not bring their own products to the market, but essentially provide services: Technical, creative, innovative services in which cooperation with the customer is central and the work is mainly project-based.  

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Telecom Industries

This business cluster represents the member companies of the telecom sector. This sector is active in the development of high quality mobile and fixed networks for consumers, businesses and governments and is therefore at the heart of the digital transition. 

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Digital Industries

This business cluster brings together companies that supply products, software, systems, services or solutions for the transmission, processing and management of information in various forms (image, sound and data). 

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