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Data & research

Market prices of materials

Every month, Agoria collects the prices of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and synthetic materials to be used in price revision formulas.

Reference wages

Consult an overview of reference wages to be used in price revision formulas.

Costs and prices

Are you looking for an overview of consumer prices and inflation, indexation prospects for specific joint committees, material prices, daily prices of non-ferrous metals, reference wages, sales price index, energy prices and international wage cost comparisons? Agoria collects this data for you.

Structural data

Looking for relevant figures on the technology industry, such as employment, turnover, research & development, annual accounts, added value, and more? You can find them here.

Market outlook for Belgium

Agoria publishes economic analyses of the Belgian technology industry and economic market outlooks for Belgium, customer sectors and export markets on a regular basis.